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The Luis Enrique Erro Library has the pleasure to invite you to get to know over a million documents and science magazines, seminar documents and other special science and technical publications They can be accessed only through IP within the Institute facilities.


A to Z (EBSCO)

One access to all full text magazines

The A to Z tool was acquired thanks to CONACYT’s support of the CARI group (which the INAOE is a part of). There is one portal access to all digital texts (complete text) from member Institutions, making access to titles within databases and editorials easier.



Currently, It has over 3.9 million bibliographic records, more than 207,000 full text documents and 715,000 links to full text documents that include the most important results within the scientific and energy technologies field. (worldwide research)

At the ETDEWEB web page you can pick the "Distributed Search" tool located at the top and this will allow you to select information from 39 data bases and over 1,700 web sites in a single search.

Go to ETDEWEB at:

Gale Databases

Academic OneFile 1980 - APR, 2008. Academic OneFile is the best source for select, full text articles from magazines and leading reference sources. It has wide coverage in physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts, theology, literature and others.

Computer Database 1980 - Apr 2008. Use this database to search for information on computer products, news and reviews of hardware, software, electronics, engineering and communications, as well as on applied technology.
Gale Virtual Reference Library is a data base that contains encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for interdisciplinary investigations.

IEEE Digital Computer Society

The Institute’s IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY DIGITAL LIBRARY has been acquired to support research, courses and projects. This library provides access to 24 online magazines and allows you to search summaries, reference works, excerpts and full text articles from 1988 to 2008.

Access to a digital archive of 1,700 titles of conferences and proceedings of the IEEE CDSL from 1995-2008 -in full text-. To access, identification of IP address is needed, anyone can access and consult the full text articles of their interest.

Three new data bases are available at the INAOE Library (2008)
created by the CUDI

Academic Search Premier
Business Source Premier
Academic Source

Journal Citation Reports

Today, the Luis Enrique Erro Library has the Journal Citation Reports® service
that makes 7,000 worldwide publications available (on over 200 fields). This is a tool that is useful to those interested in studying the impact and influence of certain publications on the worldwide research community.

INAOE researchers will have the following tools available to them:

- Magazine influence on worldwide research
- Measure the impact of published articles.
- Learn about information sources in their field.
- Observe bibliometric tendencies
- Study citation patterns.


Web of Science

Through Web of Science ® , INAOE researchers can search for current or retrospective scientific information, in areas like: social sciences, arts and humanities, in approximately 9,300 prestigious and high impact research magazines from all over the world. Also, through Century of Science™, they can access all interdisciplinary and scientific content dating from as early as 1900.



The Springer online archive collection widens the INAOE field of scientific investigations and allows researchers to access a century’s worth of scientific evolution and complete historic information. The content of these archives keeps growing and aspires to make a magazine catalog of backed issues (starting from the first one) available. This catalog should continue growing.


Annual Reviews

Access to the complete collection of Annual Reviews is now available (retrospectives included). Founded in 1932, Annual Reviews provides researchers and students with a specific (over 32 scientific fields) academic resource. Annual Reviews saves time by summarizing vast amounts of texts and primary resources while identifying main contributions in each of the INAOE research fields.


Journal of Physics Conference

All INAOE researchers and students are invited to get to know this series of 55 conferences about relevant topics, they are free access and date from 2004 through 2006.


Journals List

The Luis Enrique Erro Library invites you to get to know the Physics Institute’s Publications List (1997- 2008) and the historical archive. There’s only IP access which means they can only be consulted within Institute premises.


Blackwell Synergy

Blackwell Synergy is an online service that contains all Journals published by Blackwell. It has articles (full text) about Medicine, Exact Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities from over 850 journals.



The TC / NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is a portal to the Digital Library of Astronomy and Physics Researchers. It’s operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory (SAO) and is subsidized by NASA. ADS has three bibliographical databases that contain more than 6.2 million records: Astronomy, Astrophysics and Physics



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