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Mission and Vision

To work together with the Institute in the training of scientists, which our country demands in priority areas.

To become a vital information center that provides information services and document holdings which are safeguarded and allow the advancement of knowledge.

Favor knowledge development as well as the creation of cutting edge technology.

Enable scientific information to flow freely in all of the Institutes’ areas.

To sustain a strong commitment to quality and the constant upgrading of services and periodical publication materials. This can be achieved by analyzing the user’s needs, and through the continuous training of our librarians.


To have the best science library within the INAOE resources .

As an information center, the library must be a scientific “support system” for the user, whether he/she is at home or in his/her cubicle, at any place or time.
To maintain an excellent collection which meets the standards and needs of our basic areas: Astrophysics, Optics, Electronics and Computer Sciences.
To develop suitable and efficient services for all users, while aiming towards modern times.

The creation of a digital collection as well as providing services that will enable our users to find concrete and specific data as well as precise, up to date and reliable information. Also, as a digital library, it aims towards an improvement of its services, so it is important to include the use of new technologies.

Constant training of librarians with the goal of reaching high quality standards. In these times, we must recreate our environment to the point where information and globalization can coexist.

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