Thanks to new technologies like computers and telecommunications services today’s libraries provide better resources for their users, however, it is up to the people in charge to keep improving and up dating them.

Many of our librarians and researchers wish that our library had a “Science Museum” because it would get young people interested in the scientific field. This would help contribute to the advancement of our Institute and our goal of educating and preparing future professionals. The INAOE is considered a space for the development of electronics, computer science and astrophysics, this, along with the institute’s digital library offers many options to those interested.

Service quality towards users and general public is a difficult thing to caliber. Many of these services are somewhat intangible and complex notions that have to do with subjective concepts like politeness. It is possible however to achieve a high level in service, through the help of authorities and the exploitation of our resources, which in turn will make it easier to respond to our user’s needs.

In various aspects, quality is measured by our user’s expectations (desired quality, demanded quality, programmed, achieved, and resultant quality ) this according to Gomez (2002).

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