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General Collections

The library’s main collections (books, magazines, theses, technical reports, among others) are organized in an “open collection” format, which makes their consultation easy, they can be returned to their place after being consulted.

This service allows users to chose the materials they need, therefore, the collections should be always be organized and reorganized by librarians.

A book’s location must never be changed, remember, “a misplaced book is the equivalent of a lost one.”

This service requires that those librarians responsible for user orientation (loans, returns, consultations, periodic publication’s room, audiovisual materials, security) keep the collection in order. It is also important that they keep areas clean and take care of the facilities,/equipment and keep things under control to avoid thefts.

If you cannot find a book please ask the librarian for help, note that in all areas of the library there are signs that guide the user in finding whatever he/she may need.

The new part of the library holds recent materials and the library warehouse keeps those that are not consulted as often, however, all materials are registered and classified in catalogs which are always on hand.


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