Library Service Guidelines

I. Library Access

ARTICLE 1. The Luis Enrique Erro Library opens: Monday - Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

ARTICLE 2. Library access will be open to anyone that requests it.

II. Loans from our collection

ARTICLE 3. Reserved materials (works chosen by academic personnel) and reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, periodical publications, indexes and databases) can only be consulted within library premises.

ARTICLE 4. Institute members and registered guests (by Coordinators only) may request loans of up to six books for a 15 day period (each). Loans may be renewed, -except for materials that have been requested by someone else-.

ARTICLE 5. There are two types of special home loans: deposit loans meant for researchers who request it through a memo (every three months) and book loans for researchers that turn in materials after they finish their research.

III. Interlibrary Loans

ARTICLE 6. They will take place according to the guidelines of the library loaning the materials.

IV. User responsibilities

I. They must show credentials or a special pass whenever a librarian or security guard request it.

II. Consent to the inspection of their belongings when leaving the library.

III. Keep quiet while in the reading room.

IV. Pay costs of interlibrary loan documents.

V. Sanctions

ARTICLE 7. If a library book or document is damaged or stolen by an Institute employee their work contract will be annulled, if a student damages material, he/she will be expelled.

ARTICLE 8. If library materials are damaged senselessly or stolen by a user, he/she must replace them or pay to have them replaced.

ARTICLE 9. If borrowed materials are not returned by the user within the established time limits, all loans will be cancelled and the user will be fined daily ($5.00 MXP) for each document (book, videotape or CD). If the user doesn’t pay, all library services will be suspended for 15 days, -in addition to the days the materials are late.

VI. Prohibitions

ARTICLE 10. Smoking, drinking or eating in the library is strictly prohibited.

ARTICLE 11. Talking is not allowed in the library reading room.

ARTICLE 12. Any conflicting and unforeseen events not considered by these regulations will be resolved according to Institute policies.


I. If a library book is set aside for a course, the user in possession of that material will be informed to return it, even if the material is still within their loan period. If the user fails to return it he/she will be sanctioned.


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