In April begins the spring period of the diploma in Physics of Vision

Santa María Tonantzintla, February 25, 2022. The National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE), the Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies and the FES-Iztacala of the UNAM, the Interdisciplinary Center of Health Sciences and the CECYT 15 of the IPN, and the Interserrana University of Puebla organize for the second consecutive year the diploma in Physics of Vision, which will begin in April 2022.

This diploma course aims to prepare optometrists with solid knowledge of Physics of Vision capable of conducting research and providing new solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of visual health. This course will have curricular value.

Dr. Eduardo Tepichín Rodríguez, INAOE researcher and main organizer of the course, informs that the professionals who take these courses in a period of two years, could obtain a degree in Physics from the Vision with the specialty in Optometry.

As specialization courses, the base syllabus remains constant; however, some updates will be included for the year 2022. The academic group that teaches the courses is composed of researchers from the different organizing institutions.

The modules that make up the diploma are "Geometrical optics applied to vision physics", "Physical optics applied to vision physics", "Mathematical methods for visual optics" and "Radiometry, photometry, laser safety and colorimetry for sciences of health".

Dr. Tepichín considers that Mexico has a long tradition of optometry schools, but that the number of graduates in the area is insufficient to attend the health problems of the population and although there are diplomas and even a master's degree in the area, these are focused on clinical aspects, not in Physics.

"In the near future, this knowledge will allow them to carry out research aimed at solving vision problems in the country. This series of courses will allow both young graduates and professionals interested in research to access to this process of Specialization in Physics of Vision", refers the researcher.

To start with the diploma modules, a pre-registration is required, which has no cost. Each module will have a duration of 40 hours.

For more information visit https://www-optica.inaoep.mx/~fisicadelavision/ or send an email to tepichin@inaoep.mx


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