New book by INAOE researchers

At the beginning of this year, Springer published the book The Matrix Pertubation Method in Quantum Mechanics (ISBN 978-3-031-48545-9). The authors of the book are doctors Francisco Soto Eguibar, Braulio Misael Villegas Martínez and Héctor Manuel Moya Cesa. Dr. Moya and Dr. Soto are members of the Quantum Optics group of the Optics coordination of our Institute, and Dr. Villegas was a doctoral student here at the INAOE, and currently works as a researcher at the CIICAp of the Autonomous University of the State from Morelos. The book has 190 pages, and appears in the Springer catalog (https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-031-48546-6).

The method presented in this book was developed in the INAOE quantum optics group over the last few years. In particular, the authors of the book and Dr. Juan Martínez Carranza published six research articles where they developed it. This is an alternative pertubation method to the standard time-independent perturbation theory of Quantum Mechanics. However, the Matrix Perturbative Method presents new perspectives that allow its application to time-dependent problems, and to other types of equations such as Lindblad's master.

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