Dr. Juan Manuel Ramírez, guest editor of the IEEE I&M Magazine

Dr. Juan Manuel Ramírez, researcher at the Electronics Coordination, is the Guest Editor of the most recent issue of the IEEE I&M Magazine, one of the magazines published by the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, which was published ago few days.
The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society publishes three scientific journals: Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M), Open Journal on I&M, and I&M Magazine. These are periodical journals, indexed, and with a review process based on strict arbitration.

IEEE I&M Magazine publishes scientific articles that present a global overview of open research problems, as well as the recent state of advances in some fields related to the magazine's topics of interest. The articles are published in the IEEE Xplore digital library, a research database with journal articles, conference proceedings, technical standards and various notes related to electronics, computing and application areas.
This magazine annually publishes a special issue dedicated to one of the ten IEEE regions in the world and which they call “Instrumentation and measurements around the world”. This year the Editorial Committee decided to dedicate it to Region 9 Latin America. For this purpose, Dr. Juan Manuel Ramírez, researcher at the INAOE Electronics Coordination, received the invitation to participate as Guest Editor of the April edition of the magazine.
Dr. Juan Manuel Ramírez explains that as Guest Editor his role was to invite people representative of the research being done in the region to collaborate and to integrate the special issue.
“The guest editor sees the panorama in the region, detects the research centers in Latin America that work on topics related to instrumentation and measurements and invites researchers to participate. Some send articles and others don't. And those that are received are submitted to arbitration, a group of reviewers is formed, feedback is given and finally a set of articles is selected,” he comments.
Finally, the researcher reports that several of the articles published in this special issue were written by researchers from the INAOE, and concludes: “I am pleased that a good number of the articles are about the research carried out at the Institute. This is an indication of the quality and diversity of topics that we cover within the INAOE. The result was a very nice number.”

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