Synergies and training of human resources at OAGH-Cananea

This week at the Guillermo Haro Observatory (OAGH) in Cananea, Sonora, a workshop is taking place in which 30 students and professors from the Tecnológico Nacional campus Cananea, the University of Sonora, the University of Sinaloa and the INAOE master's degree in astrophysics participate. . The workshop seeks to generate synergies and training of human resources around astrophysics and radio astronomy with new projects with the infrastructure that already exists and that which will potentially be generated with projects such as the ngVLA (new generation Very Large Array). The ngVLA is an extension and new version of the famous VLA interferometer and will install at least five antennas in the northern region of Mexico, giving this region the opportunity to get involved in radio astronomy.

During the workshop, which takes place from May 12 to 17, students will have guided night tours of the OAGH and lectures on different topics including astronomy, radio astronomy, instrumentation and software development. This workshop complements the training of students from the INAOE master's degree in astrophysics and shows students from other universities options and opportunities for postgraduate studies. The participating professors are specialists in their field and belong to the same institutions as the students, as well as invited UNAM specialists.

This first version of the workshop was financed by the INAOE, who provided shelter for the participants and was organized by the Astrophysics coordination in which doctors Abraham Luna, Gisela Ortiz, Olga Vega, José Ramón Valdés, and teachers Sergio Noriega participated. delegate of the OAGH, and Javier Martínez Carranza from the Cananea headquarters of the INAOE. The academic activities were developed at the Tecnológico Nacional de México Cananea campus, thanks to the facilities provided by its director, Professor Nancy María Dávila Rodríguez; and from the universities of Sonora, Sinaloa and UNAM, doctors María Eugenia Contreras Martínez, Lorenzo Olguín, Jesús López Hernández, Roberto Galván, Eric Jiménez and Alfonso Trejo.

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