Open call for diplomas in sciences teaching

Santa María Tonantzintla, Puebla, September 13, 2022. With the aim of offering elementary, high school and university teachers an option to reinforce their knowledge and continue their updating process, the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE) has launched the call for its graduates in teaching exact sciences.
The courses will be taught in virtual mode. The topics of the same are: use of technology for the teaching of exact sciences, theories and approaches to learning, integral calculus, and electricity and magnetism.
In an interview, Dr. Francisco Renero Carrillo, director of Academic Training at INAOE, reported that these courses are offered through the Office of Educational Innovation and Teacher Training. "This is the formalization of an educational process that has been carried out at the Institute almost since its foundation, that is, continuous education."

Continuing education, he explained, is offered through congresses, workshops, symposiums and all those activities that do not belong to a school program. In this sense, graduates in exact science teaching are an option to approach these issues and obtain new or additional knowledge.
For his part, Lic. David Méndez Munive, from the Office of Educational Innovation, reported that the courses that will be taught starting this October are on the use of technology, learning theories and approaches, integral calculus and electricity and magnetism.
“The technology use diploma course is a project designed for the use of Geogebra software, which is used to solve problems, graph and project some situations that are seen in the classroom. The one on learning theories and approaches has the objective of solving some learning needs of basic knowledge of pedagogy for teachers, and the ones on integral calculus and electricity and magnetism are specialized in the areas of Mathematics and Physics”.

He added that the courses have a duration of 20 weeks, starting on Monday, October 3rd, and ending on Friday, March 10th, 2023. "They will be taught on the Institute's Moodle platform and the investment is 2,800 pesos."
In turn, Lic. Miriam Cuevas, also from Educational Innovation, notified that the diplomas are aimed at teachers of basic, upper secondary and higher education interested in training and updating in the areas of exact sciences. "They are aimed at all those who have the concern and motivation to have a better performance in their daily activities as teachers."
Ms. Cuevas stated that at the end of the courses, a diploma with a curricular value of 160 hours signed by the INAOE will be awarded. The minimum passing grade average is 7.0.
When asked about the format of the diplomas, she stressed that it is asynchronous: “the activities are scheduled to be carried out during the week and are evaluated at the end of it. There is the possibility that, through many institutional channels, synchronous sessions are generated with all the students so that they meet and interact, in addition to the fact that the Moodle platform offers spaces such as chat and forums where they can discuss ideas and their experience. The format has great flexibility because it allows participants to adapt to schedules”.
For more information about the graduates, you can send an email to mvcuevas@inaoep.mx

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