Poster Contributions presented during the

 Eds. R. Mújica, I. Aretxaga, & D. Kunth,  2001,
INAOE Electronic Edition (




Young Stellar Populations in the Nuclear Regions of Nearby Radiogalaxies
I. Aretxaga, E. Terlevich, R. J. Terlevich, G.  Cotter, A. I. Díaz

Double Peak Profile in the Seyfert 1.5 Galaxy Mkn 926
M. Argote, D. Dultzin-Hacyan, J.A. de Diego, E. Benítez, P. Marziani

The FIRST-APM QSOs Survey in the SBS Region
V.H. Chavushyan, O.V. Verkhodanov, R. Mújica, J.R. Valdés, L. Carrasco

Radiation Pressure Acceleration by X-rays in Active Galactic Nuclei
D. Chelouche, H. Netzer

The COLA Project
E. Corbett, R. Norris,  L. Kewley, M. Dopita, P. Appleton, C. Struck, T. Marston

Elemental Abundance Estimates at High Redshifts
M. Dietrich, F. Hamann

The Nature of Composite LINER/HII Galaxies
M. E. Filho, P. D. Barthel, L. C. Ho

QSO Variability: Light Curves of a Monitoring Campaign
A. Garcia-Rissmann, L. Sodré Jr., R. J. Terlevich

Two Types of Seyfert 2 Galaxies ?
Q. Gu, D. Dultzin-Hacyan, J. A. de Diego

Quasar Candidates Multicolor Selection Technique and Quasar Photometric Redshifts
E. Hatziminaoglou, G. Mathez, R. Pelló

Deriving the Quasar Luminosity Function from the Time-Dependent Phenomena on the Accretion Disks and the CDM Models
E. Hatziminaoglou, A. Siemiginowska, M.Elvis

Thermal and Viscous Instability of Accretion Disc in AGN
A. Janiuk, B. Czerny

Starburst Activity in Seyfert 2 Galaxies: UV--X-ray emission in NGC1068
E. Jiménez Bailón,  J.M. Mas Hesse, M. Santos Lleó

Star Formation Activities in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
T. Kawaguchi, K. Aoki

Giant X-ray Flares from Nearby, Optically non-Active Galaxies
S. Komossa

X-Ray Signatures of the Seyfert-Starburst Connection
N. A. Levenson, K. A. Weaver, T. M. Heckman

An Inverse Method for Stellar Population Synthesis with Error Analysis
J. Moultaka, D. Pelat

Regulation of AGN Type by Circumnuclear Starburst; Formation of Radiatively-Supported Obscuring Wall
K. Ohsuga, M. Umemura

ISO Continuum Observations of Quasars at z=1-4:
Spectral Energy Distributions of Quasars from the UV to Far-Infrared
S. Oyabu,K. Kawara, Y. Tsuzuki, Y. Sofue, Y. Sato, H. Okuda, Y. Taniguchi, H. Shibai, C. Gabriel, T. Hasegawa, E. Nishihara

The Central Regions of Early-Type Galaxies Hosting Active Galactic Nuclei as Viewed with HST/NICMOS
S. Ravindranath, Luis C. Ho, C. Y. Peng, A. V. Filippenko, W. L. W. Sargent

The Circinus Galaxy: A Starburst or AGN?
M. Ruiz, A. Efstathiou, D. M. Alexander, J. Hough

Optical and Radio Imaging of an Infrared Selected Sample of Seyfert Galaxies
H. R. Schmitt

Variability of H Broad Emission Line in NGC5548
A.I. Shapovalova, N.G. Bochkarev, A.N. Burenkov, L. Carrasco, V. Chavushyan, V.T. Doroshenko,
V.M. Lyuty, O. Ezhkova, O.I. Spiridonova, J.R. Valdes, V.V. Vlasyuk, O. Martinez,  F. Legrand, V.P. Mikhailov

The Optical--X-ray Connection in the Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy Akn 564
O. Shemmer, H. Netzer, B.M. Peterson,  S. Vaughan

Do Massive Dark Cores Exist in Spiral Galaxies?
T. Takamiya, Y. Sofue

Clues to the Nature of LINERs from their Hard X-ray Emission
Y. Terashima, L. C. Ho, A. F. Ptak

Optical spectral variability of PG QSOs
D. Trévese, F. Vagnetti

On dust, beaming and orientation
I. Van Bemmel, P. Barthel

On the Statistical Characterization of SN IIn Light Curves
O. Vega, I. Aretxaga, V. Chavushyan, R.J. Terlevich

Chandra observations of nearby galaxies
A.Zezas, M. Ward, A. Prestwich, M. Watson, G. Fraser, S. Murray,  E.M. Schlegel, R. Kilgard, H. Natsyniti,
P. Kaaret, D.W. Kim

On the Origins of QSO-intrinsic  Narrow Absorption Lines
R. Ganguly, N.A. Bond,  J.C.Charlton,  M. Eracleous, W.N. Brandt, C.W. Churchill

List of posters not submitted or linked to a paper:

On the Seyfert 2  warm and cool infrared dichotomy
D.M. Alexander

Optical Monitoring of ON 231
E. Benítez, D. Dultzin-Hacyan, J.A. de Diego, J. R. Webb, E. Howard

The X-ray Properties of z > 4 Quasars
W.N. Brandt, S. Kaspi, D.P. Schneider, Th. Boller, A.C. Fabian

The Activation of Ring Galaxies by the Evolution of Starbursts
T. K.Chatterjee, V.B.Magalinsky, A.Pedroza

Emission-Line Properties of High Redshift Quasars
A. Constantin et. al.

Induced Activity in Galaxies of Mixed Pairs
A. Franco, D. Dultzin-Hacyan, H. Hernández

Trying to Peer Through the Clouds: Hard X-ray Observations of Soft X-ray Weak AGN
S. C. Gallagher, W. N. Brandt

Is an AGN, and not star formation, feeding the extended radio lobes in the barred galaxy NGC 3367?
J. A. García-Barreto, L. Rudnick

Fe/alpha and the Epoch of First Star Formation
F. Hamann

The ISO/NASA Key Project on AGN Spectral Energy Distributions
E. J. Hooper, B. J. Wilkes, Kim K. McLeod, Martin S. Elvis, C. D. Impey, C. S. Lonsdale,
M. A. Malkan, J. C. McDowell

X-ray Emission from Galaxies in the HDF-N as detected by Chandra: Implications for Star Formation
and AGN activity
A.E. Hornschemeier, W.N. Brandt, G.P. Garmire, D.P. Schneider, A.J. Barger, P.S. Broos,  L.L. Cowie,
L.K. Townsley, D.N. Burrows, G. Chartas,  E.D. Feigelson,  R. Griffiths, D. Lumb, J.A. Nousek, W.L.W. Sargent

Starburst Activity in Seyfert 2 galaxies
E. Jiménez-Bailón, M. Mas-Hesse, M. Cerviño, M. Santos-Lleó

The high-resolution X-ray spectrum of NGC 3783
S. Kaspi, W.N. Brandt, H. Netzer, R. Sambruna, G. Chartas, G.P. Garmire,  J.A. Nousek

The Environments of NLS1's
Y. Krongold, D. Dultzin-Hacyan, P. Marziani

Chandra Observations of the Luminous IR Galaxy NGC3256
P. Lira, M. Ward, A. Zezas, S. Ueno, A. Alonso-Herrero

The 2dF Quasar Redshift Survey
N. Loaring, B. Boyle, S. Croom, L. Miller, T. Shanks, R. Smith

The Evolution of Type 1 AGNs in the Infrared
I. Matute, F. La Franca, C. Gruppioni, D. Alexander, F. Pozzi, C. Lari

Featureless Continua and Stellar Absorption Lines in the Nuclear Spectra of Seyfert Galaxies
C. Nelson, M. Whittle

Stellar populations and dust content in Starburst and  Seyfert Galaxies
L. Origlia, E. Oliva

Scalar Field Models for an Accelerating Universe
G. Piccinelli, A. de la Macorra

Megamaser Galaxies and Possibilities to Observe Molecular Masers at Cosmological Distances
G. M. Rudnitskij

Evidence of Accretion Disks in LINERs
J. C. Shields  et al.

Clustering of X-ray AGNs at Low Redshifts
F. Tesch

Narrow Absorption Lines in Moderate-Redshift Quasars
M. Vestergaard, L.C. Ho