December 8 - 12, 2003

Cozumel, Mexico

The Guillermo Haro  2003 


The huge amount of data obtained by surveys in all wavebands, from radio to X-rays, has allowed a major progress in the understanding of Active Galactic Nuclei and of their cosmic evolution.

This conference is intended to give a broad overview of the recent results obtained by AGN surveys over the whole electromagnetic spectrum. Topics which will be discussed during the conference are: AGN evolution, contribution to the cosmic background, AGN luminosity functions in different wavebands, multiwavelength properties of AGN, unified model and unconventional AGN, connection with the host galaxies, co-evolution of AGN and galaxies, implications for the local density of supermassive black holes. Future AGN surveys planned with forthcoming new observational facilities will also be discussed.

Scientific Organizing Committee

    Chris Carilli (NRAO, USA)
    Deborah Dultzin (IA-UNAM, Mexico)
    Alberto Franceschini (Padova  Univ., Italy)
    Reinhard Genzel (MPE, Germany)
    Jose Guichard (INAOE, Mexico)
    Günther Hasinger (MPE, Germany)
    Luis Ho (OCIW, USA)
    Roberto Maiolino (Arcetri Obs., Italy, Chair)
    Michael Strauss (Princeton, USA)
    Philippe Veron (OHP, France)
    Belinda Wilkes (CfA, USA)

Local Organizing Committee

   Raul Mujica (INAOE, Chair)
   Erika Benitez (IA-UNAM)
   Miguel Chavez (INAOE)
   Vahram Chavushyan (INAOE)
   Divakara Mayya (INAOE),
   Jose Ramon Valdes (INAOE).

Contact Address

   Multiwavelength AGN Surveys / Rosario Sanchez
   Astrofisica, INAOE
   Luis Enrique Erro 1
   Tonantzintla, Puebla 72840,

   Phone: (52-222) 266-31-00 Ext. 2117
   Fax:   (52-222) 247-22-31

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