Color Atlas of Ring galaxies

This page contains complementary material of a paper by Roberto Romano, Y. Divakara Mayya & Eduard I. Vorobyov titled
Stellar disks of Collisional Ring Galaxies I. New multiband images, Radial intensity and color profiles, and confrontation with N-body simulations that appeared in Astronomical Journal, 136, 1259, 2008 ( astro-ph/0807.1477).

Figure 2 (Color composite image of all the galaxies).
Click on the object name below to obtain B&W images in all BVRHαIJHK filters. Fits files and all the supplementary material will be available for downloading soon. We would appreciate that you cite the Journal paper if you use any material in this page in your work or for outreach purposes. Contact ydm @ if you have any comments on this page.

Color composite images generated by combining optical BVR images. The data are obtained with:
Arp 141
Arp 142
Arp 143
Arp 144
Arp 145
Arp 147
Arp 148
Arp 291
II Hz 4
I Zw 45
II Zw 28
VII Zw 466
NGC 985
NGC 2793
NGC 5410

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