Vth Science with GTC
Puebla, 2-4 december 2015


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List of posters

Invited Talks:

  1. Almudena Alonso Studying the obscuring material around nearby AGN using GTC/CanariCam observations
  2. Alfonso Aragon Salamanca OMEGA - OSIRIS mapping of emission line galaxies in A901/2
  3. Itziar Aretxaga High redshift star-forming galaxies: Frontier Fields
  4. Guo Chen Characterizing the atmospheres of transiting exoplanets with the GTC
  5. Juan Downes Ongoing work with GTC on the substellar population of the 25 Orionis group
  6. Nancy Elias Rosa Late time observations of peculiar transients at 8-10 meter class telescopes
  7. Omaira Gonzalez Low Luminosity AGN with GTC
  8. Jonay Gonzalez-Hernandez Probing fast orbital decays in black hole X-ray binaries with GTC
  9. Silvia Mateos The X-ray and infrared view of the obscured accretion phenomenon
  10. Divakara Mayya MOS/longslit on M81 clusters
  11. Takamitsu Miyaji GTC spectroscopy of AGN in the AKARI NEP DEEP FIELD
  12. Ismael Perez Fournon Herschel-selected high-redshift galaxies
  13. Pablo Perez Gonzalez Passively evolving galaxies at high redshifts with intermediate band filters
  14. Jose Miguel Rodriguez-Espinosa GTC observations of the High-z Universe
  15. Miguel Sanchez-Portal The GaLAxy Cluster Evolution Survey (GLACE): overview and present status
  16. Miguel Santander-Garcia A true type Ia SN progenitor a close double degenerate binary with super-Chandrasekhar mass in the core of a planetary nebula
  17. Chris Wright Mid-IR polarimetry with CanariCam: Magnetic fields and dust properties
  18. Sergey Zharikov Observations of Pulsars with GTC/OSIRIS


  1. Alberto Carramiñana The HAWC gamma-ray observatory
  2. David Hughes Scientific synergies between the LMT and the GTC
  3. Ryan Sanders The MOSDEF Survey: New insights into galaxies at z 1-3 from rest-frame optical spectra


  1. Jordi Cepa OSIRIS and OTELO
  2. Romano Corradi Present Status of the GTC
  3. Armando Gil de Paz MEGARA
  4. Steve Eikenberry CIRCE and MIRADAS
  5. Charlie Telesco CANARICAM
  6. Francisco Garzón EMIR at the Telescope
  7. Ramon Garcia Lopez HORS
  8. Alan Watson FRIDA: The Diraction-Limited NIR Imager and IFS for the GTC
Open discussion chaired by Jesus J. Gonzalez and Armando Gil de Paz