The workshop will be held at INAOE (Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica), a research institute located in Tonantzintla, Puebla, Mexico (Google Map).

Travel Information


There is a comfortable bus service provided by Estrella Roja which runs from the airport to the city of Puebla (4 poniente or 4 Pte. bus station). Estrella Roja leaves from zone D in Terminal 1 of the airport, next to International Arrivals (zone E). Buses also depart from Terminal 2 near gate D, between entrance 4 and the Domestic Arrivals exit point. You can buy your ticket near the bus departing zone, at the upper floor of Terminal 1 or the ground floor of Terminal 2. The fare is close to 300 pesos and the ride takes about two and a half hours. See the timetable of Estrella Roja for more information.

You can get an official taxi from the bus station to INAOE. The fare is around 180 pesos to Tonantzintla and the ride takes about half an hour. Tell the taxi driver to drop you at INAOE in Tonantzintla, commonly referred to as "el observatorio".

If you are highly adventurous and insist on driving to Tonantzintla, the basic instructions are: first go to the city of Puebla (120 km east), then, after entering town, head to Cholula (8 km west) and then to Tonantzintla (5 km south). Exiting the Mexico City International Airport, take "Boulevard Aeropuerto" to the south, after some 3 to 5 km take "Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza", a wide kind of freeway road, towards the east. After some 15 km it leads to the beginning of the motorway. Make sure to take "Puebla cuota" and NOT "Puebla libre" (a rather bad road).


The International Airport of Puebla in Huejotzingo is located 25 km from the city of Puebla, the state capital. Its official name is Aeropuerto Internacional de Puebla Hermanos Serdán. The airport offers car rental, taxis and ATMs, but there is no hotel on the premises.

Airlines and destinations
United Airlines/Air Canada: Houston (IAH)
American Airlines: Dallas (DFW)
Delta Air Lines/Aeromexico: Monterrey (MTY)
Aeromar: Guadalajara (GDL)
Volaris: Cancun (CUN), Monterrey (MTY), Tijuana (TIJ)

There is a taxi stand called "Transportes terrestres" in the airport. Tell the taxi driver to take you to INAOE in Tonantzintla, commonly referred to as "el observatorio". The fare is around 400 pesos and the ride takes 30-45 minutes.


The participants will be accommodated in the guest rooms at INAOE, where basic facilities and service are supplied. During the weekdays, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided at INAOE. Options will be given later for what to do during the weekends.

Note that tap water can be safely used to wash your teeth and take a shower, but it is not drinkable. Please, check whether you need to tramit a visa for Mexico or to bring a power adapter.


Luis Enrique Erro 1
72840, Santa María Tonantzintla, San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico



  1. Housing Area
    1. Cabin
    2. Bungalows (1-6)
    3. Bungalows (7-24)
    4. Bungalows (25-37)
  1. Dining Room
  1. Warehouse
  1. Main Parking Lot
  1. Teacher’s Building
    1. Academic Development Office
    2. Student Cubicles
    3. Multiple Purpose Room
  2. Information Center
    1. Auditorium 
    2. Library 
      • 6A.  Library Annex
  1. Security Booth /Main Entrance
  2. Official Parking Lot
  3. Historic Archive
  1. Administrations Building
  • Administration and Finance Office
  • Technological Development Office
  • Research Office
  • Main Office
  1. Academic Coordination
    • Astrophysics
    • Optics
    • Electronics
  1. Teacher’s Auditorium


  1. Optics Labs


  1.  Locker Rooms
  1. Swimming Pool


  1. Bungalow 5
    • Braulio Iriarte Room
    • Scientific Dissemination
    • Robotics Labs
  1. Schmidt Camera
  1. Computer Sciences Building
    • General Administration
    • Researcher’s Cubicles
    • Computer Sciences Coordination
    • Multiple Purpose Room
  1. Bungalow 3 (General Administration)


  1. Nanoelectronics Building
  1. Bungalows 1-2
    • Logistics Department 
    • Infirmary
    • Events Room


  1. GTM Building


  1. Bungalow 4
  1. Enrique Chavira Building
    • Plate Room 
    • Student’s Cubicles
  1. Bungalows 6-7
  1. Microelectronics Building
  1. Instrumentation Lab (computer vision)
  1. Maintenance Workshop
  1. General Storage
  1. Mechanics Workshop
  1. Aspherical Surfaces Lab
  1. Technological Development Building
    • Engineering Center
    • Mechanical Design Workshop
  1. Optics Workshop
  2. Solar Telescope
  3. Astrophysics Booth 
  4. Maintenance Office