Guillermo Haro 2011 Workshop: Surveying the gamma-ray sky

July 4-15, 2011, Tonantzintla, Puebla, Mexico


Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

We are planning an optional excursion to Oaxaca city during the meeting week-end.

The group will be leaving INAOE on Saturday 9th at 08:00 AM, and will return to INAOE on Sunday 10th around 09:00 PM. The Hotel costs approximately 50 dollars aftex taxes (that is 550 pesos) and the cost of the transportation will be something around 75 US Dollars. Ibrahim Torres will be with you at the City of Oaxaca, and the plan is to visit the ruins of Montealbán, the Santo Domingo Convent and a traditional market.
We hope that all of you can go to the trip. Oaxaca is a beautiful city and the food is great.

The hotel Internet Webpage is:

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