Guillermo Haro 2011 Workshop: Surveying the gamma-ray sky

July 4-15, 2011, Tonantzintla, Puebla, Mexico


Facilities and Logistics

INAOE has a large infrastructure that counts with the required offices, conference rooms, dinning facilities, etc. In addition, the campus has guest rooms that can accommodate around 30 participants at a time. Thus, hosting the workshop at INAOE reduces largely the costs of the meeting.

The weekly cost of the meeting, including accommodation throughout the week (150.00 US$) and breakfast and lunch from Monday through Friday (100.00 US$) amounts to a total of 250.00 US$ per week.

Please note that at INAOE there is also a small number of large flats in case you would like to come with your family but these should be booked well in advance.

If you prefer to stay in the city of Puebla or in Cholula we will be happy to provide you with a list of hotels.

The Hotel price for a single room, per night, is about 80 to 120.00 US$.

Additional guest hosted at INAOE will only have to cover the Monday to Friday breakfast and lunch expense of 100.00 US$ per week.

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