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October 11 - 21, 2016

Tonantzintla, Puebla, Mexico





  • From the Mexico City International Airport to Puebla there is a comfortable bus service by "Estrella Roja" which runs from Mexico City airport to the city of Puebla, these buses arrive at the “4 poniente” station. Estrella Roja leaves from zone D in the airport, next to International Arrivals (zone E). You can pay for the bus ticket in a kiosk located in front of the bus departing zone, the fare to pay is 290 pesos. The ride takes about two and a half hours.  Those wanting to see the landscape (once outside Mexico City!) should sit on the right hand side of the bus.

  • Buses departing from the airport to Puebla bus station CAPU are generally scheduled each hour from 6 am to 11 pm. Please see the update timetable of Estrella Roja  for more information.

  • Buses leaving from the airport to the bus station of 4 Poniente which is closer to downtown Puebla, leave From Monday to Thursday at 1 am and then from 6:15 am until 11:30 pm. There are a number of schedules in this station and you can consult the link above.

  • If arriving at CAPU, we recommend to get an official taxi. You can take  the yellow and white taxi called “Taxi Seguro”,  the fare is about 170 pesos to Tonantzintla. If you arrive at 4 Poniente bus station, you can ask for a white taxi called "Top Driver" that operates in the station. The taxi fare is about 180 pesos and the ride takes about half an hour. Tell the taxi driver to drop you at INAOE in Tonantzintla, commonly referred to "El Observatorio".

  • We strongly advise against taking taxis from Mexico City airport to Puebla as the fare will be astronomical.

  • If you are highly adventurous and insist on driving to Tonantzintla, the basic instruction is going to the city of Puebla (120 kms East), then, after entering town, head to Cholula (8 kms West) and then to Tonantzintla (5 kms South).

  • To make life easier, exiting the Mexico City International Airport take "Boulevard Aeropuerto" to the south, after some 3 to 5 kms take "Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza", a wide kind of freeway road, towards the east. After some 15 km it leads to the beginning of the motorway. Make sure to Take "Puebla cuota" and NOT" Puebla libre" (a rather bad road).



The International Airport of Puebla in Huejotzingo (PBC) is located 25 kms. from the city of Puebla, the state capital; operations are on a 24-hour basis daily. Its official name is Aeropuerto Internacional de Puebla Hermanos Serdán. Inaugurated in 1985, the airport is one of the newest in Mexico and serves primarily the Puebla and Tehuacan regions. The airport offers car rental, taxis and ATMs services; there is parking for cars, but no hotel on the premises.

Airlines and destinations you can fly from Hermanos Serdán International airport (PBC) are:

Volaris: Cancun (CUN), Guadalajara (GDL), Tijuana (TIJ) 
United Airlines: Houston (IAH)
American Airlines: Dallas (DFW) 


There is a taxi stand called "Transportes terrestres" in the airport, tell the driver to take you to your destination. The fare is about $270 pesos to Puebla or Cholula. If you need a receipt you can ask for a "recibo" to the taxi driver. 

Usuful Telephone numbers:

Puebla International Airport: 52 (227)-102-5080

Taxi "Transportes terrestres": 52 (222)750-3654

FlightStats code: PBC


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