INAOE: 1998 Conference on Interstellar Turbulence

2nd "Guillermo Haro" conference on


January 12-16, 1998

Thank you for your active participation in this conference. I am sure all will agree that much was gained from the experience.

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The instructions to prepare your contribution to be included in the proceedings will follow.

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Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica (INAOE) is glad to announce the 2nd conference under the Programa Internacional "Guillermo Haro". The topic of the conference is INTERSTELLAR TURBULENCE and will be held at the Edificio Carolino of the Benemerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, downtown Puebla on January 12-16, 1998.

  • Why Interstellar Turbulence is important?

    Turbulence is universal and mysterious, and it remains as one of the major unsolved problems in physics and astrophysics. It is present in all terrestrial and astrophysical environments: close to our telescopes, it blurs and distorts our view of the skies, and in the interstellar medium, somehow, it removes angular momentum and leads to star formation. Jets, outflows, outburst, the atmosphere and the interstellar medium as a whole are all turbulent media.

    This conference is aimed at revising our conceptions on the onset and properties of turbulence, and at summarizing the present status in observational, theoretical, and computational research in interstellar turbulence. It will also include turbulence in our atmosphere, which results in atmospheric seeing.

  • Scientific Organizing Committee

    John Bally (U. Colorado, US),
    Robert Braun (Dwingeloo, NL),
    Joel Bregman (Michigan, US),
    Don Cox (Madison, US),
    Alex Dalgarno (Hardvard, US),
    Edith Falgarone (Id'A, France),
    Jose Franco (UNAM, Mexico),
    Ronald Gredel (ESO, Chile),
    Tom Hartquist (MPE, Germany),
    Chris McKee (Berkeley, US),
    Jorge Melnick (ESO, Chile),
    Phil Myers (Hardvard, US),
    Miguel Roth (Carnegie, US),
    Anneilla Sargent (Caltech, US),
    John Scalo (Austin, US),
    Enrique Vazquez Semanedi (UNAM, Mexico)

  • Local Organizing Committee

    A. Carramiñana, M. Chávez, D. Mayya, G.G. Segura, E. Recillas (chairperson).

  • Contact Address

    Astrofisica, INAOE
    Luis Enrique Erro 1
    Tonantzintla, Puebla 72840,

    Phone: (52-22) 472-011
    Fax: (52-22) 472-231

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I get to Puebla?
    I reach Mexico City late in the night. Is it advisable to stay in a Hotel at Mexico City Airport?
    I need some tips on Food, Currency, Language, Climate etc or I am interested in Touring Mexico. See the Starburst Activity in Galaxies Guide to the Tonantzintla and Puebla region and links in there. To see sample photographs of some of the nearby (to Puebla) pyramids click here.

    Recently I heard about an eruption of a Volcano in Mexico . Is it close to INAOE?
    What is its present status?

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